What I Hate About TV Chefs

I would be a lot more relaxed watching cooking shows if only the chefs would smarten up and think of projecting a responsible image in addition to a competent one.

These are some of the things that I hate about TV chefs:

1. No Apron

Can you imagine Julia Child making boeuf bourguignon in her finest silk dress? How about Jacques Pépin making béarnaise sauce in his tuxedo?

Then why the h*** do all these new TV chefs cook in designer clothes?

Take a look at this picture: Rachael Ray is wearing a suit jacket! She often wears this type of jacket in the kitchen. What? Her guest is wearing an apron. Smart guy.

Come on, ladies, a cooking show is not the place to show off your wardrobe, or your waistline, or your bouncy boobs. It's a dirty workplace and your clothes deserve to be protected. Wear an apron!

The other thing that bothers me about this lack of respect for clothes is that so many of the viewers have to get theirs at the thrift shop in these difficult times.

2. No Scraper

I absolutely hate the way they don't scrape the bowl with a rubber spatula. They were taught to do it in cooking school, so when did they decide that wasting food was okay?

Well, it's not okay to waste food, and it's not okay to be so sloppy about cooking.

3. No Compost Bucket

Imagine this: Rachael Ray (or Nigella Lawson, or your favourite TV chef) is preparing a salad. On the counter, off to one side, there is a pretty pottery bucket. The bucket is labelled "Compost". 

At one point, Rachael squeezes a lemon over the salad, then drops the lemon into the bucket. Not in the garbage, in the compost bucket.

She doesn't have to say a word. Everyone knows what compost is. Now they know that Rachael makes compost. Cool!

TV chefs need to remember that they are role models for their audience, and that it's their duty to give the right kind of example.


Photo copyright Rachael Ray Digital LLC