DIY Hamburger Buns

Whenever I make a batch of multigrain bread, I set aside a small amount of dough for hamburger buns.

Once the dough has fermented in the fridge for about two days, I weigh it and take out whatever I want to turn into buns. I divide the rest in two.

I make the 2-oz portions into balls, then cover and rest 30 minutes. Then I flatten them with a rolling pin, to about 4 inches in diameter.

Because of the extra deflating, they are not ready to bake until the main loaves have been taken out, so that works out quite well.

They don't rise a lot before baking, but that's okay because they literally puff up in the oven, leaving a nice air pocket inside for the components of your burger, be it carnivore or not. 

This also means that your buns are not so full of calories. At 75 calories per ounce, mine average under 150 calories each.

You could also use them as mini pitas while they're still hot.

I use the same hot stone and steam method as my freestanding loaves to bake them, at around 450 degrees F.

To keep them soft, throw them in a plastic bag as soon as they're cool.

This works with any bread dough that I have ever used.

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