All I Want for Christmas Is... Tortilla Flour

IF THERE'S A MEXICAN COOK living in New Brunswick, I don't know where she gets her corn tortilla flour (also known as masa harina, or by the trademark name Maseca), but I haven't been able to find any. No ready-made corn tortillas either.

I asked my brother to send me some. He lives in Montreal and never knows what to get me for Christmas, so I'm sure he was delighted.

I moved back from Mexico six years ago, but I never got over my yearning for Mexican food, and flour tortillas (the kind they use for "wraps" here) just don't cut it for me.

Now I will get to use the tortilla press I brought back from Mexico – it was the first thing I packed when I moved back to Canada. I keep checking it, to make sure it isn't rusting.

Therefore, this year, while you're having roast turkey I'll be having a great big dish of green chicken enchiladas. I can't wait.

Would you like the recipe?

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