A Brunch To Remember

I'VE STOPPED ASKING MYSELF why all my travel memories have to do with food.

Because they're so vivid,  I can recall them ever so clearly. A few years ago, I won a prize at journalism school for an article I wrote about a meal I had in the Peruvian Andes... in 1976.

My latest such memory has to do with brunch at the Algonquin Resort in Saint-Andrews-by-the-Sea (New Brunswick), this past summer.  I was returning from a week in Charleston, South Carolina, where I had several first-class meals, yet no other meal stuck in my memory like that brunch.

It consisted of two exquisite crab cakes, which were surmounted by a slice of Canadian bacon, topped by a fluffy poached egg bathed in a divine hollandaise sauce. This was accompanied by the best home fries I've ever had, some lightly toasted homemade bread, a cup of fresh chopped melon and three little jars of imported jams and marmalades. Of course the coffee was superb.

See for yourself:

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